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Neon Street | Unreal Engine 5

Had a good time working on this one, learned a lot about the new Unreal Engine 5 and its toolsets. Lumen definitely bring life to scene. Specially, with its emissive material lighting capabilities, which otherwise would not have been possible unless using path tracker or baked light. Preparing models for this scene was an absolute challenge as the goal was to put as much detail in textures and geometry as I can. Each model uses virtual textures and some has even 20 texture sets all together.

Overall, it was a great experience. Wanted to finish this idea of mine since a long time. I wouldn't say I had clear vision in mind though, as I was trying my best to not turn it into a cyberpunk street (lol). Satisfied with the renders but I wish the YouTube vedio could match the fidelity of the still renders but my computer had a hard time rendering high quality frames, not to mention UE's Movie render que can sometimes give you hard time.

Perhaps, I will try a daytime render of the same scene as I feel the night is not justifying my hard work with modelling and texturing 😅.